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Delta Software Technology - The perfect Way to better Software
Delta Software Technology

· Even more productive with ADS on Eclipse 6.2
· Understanding Your Clients’ Source Code
· AMELIO Logic Discovery - for COBOL
· HKM pours Data Accesses into the Perfect Form

AMELIO Logic Discovery
Spring-Clean Your COBOL- and PL/I-Applications

Developer's Day Karlsruhe - Lecture:
Software Development – Model-driven and Still Agile

HyperSenses - Download for free!
Automated Development for Software Generators and DSLs


Development – Efficiently Generated

Create data services with only a few clicks, generate software for variants and different platforms, speed up your (product line) development with software generators.

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Integration – Simply Building Bridges

Reuse legacy functions in SOA, build composite applications and business services, join different database architectures.

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Modernisation – Really Safe

Understand legacy applications, automate migrations, mass changes and architecture transformations.

More about Modernisation...

Delta Software Technology - Simply Automate Software Development!